Prime Wrestling

Prime Wrestling

2 Episodes

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Prime Wrestling
  • Jimmy Jacobs – I Beat The Odds & I Beat The Gods

    Episode 1

    Re-live the best of PWO/PRIME Wrestling with the first in a series of our PRIME Cuts!

    He is diabolical, sinister, and a psychological master. He is an eclectic enigma, unstable entity, and perhaps the only man so tough, he has earned the right to call himself whatever he wishes… including “The...

  • PRIME CUTS - HANDICAPPED HEROES - Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron

    Episode 2

    There is no more awe-inspiring and breathtaking tag team in pro wrestling than Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron – The Handicapped Heroes. Zach lost his leg to cancer at the age of eight, but the drive inside him to live a dream would not waver, and Zach made history as the first one-legged pro wrestler ...